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Starting from June 30, Your SIM Connection may be disconnection – Complete Your Digital KYC.

SIM Card Digital KYC: It is a very important directive from the telecom regulation body in India, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, abbreviated as TRAI. As per this, all mobile users are to compulsorily undergo digital KYC by 30th June. This can be for either the prepaid or the postpaid SIM cards.

Let’s look at why Digital KYC is necessary, and the advantages that it brings to the table in addition to the aforementioned benefits:
That is why TRAI has come up with this measure to boost the countries’ security and arrest misuse of SIM cards. In the process, people will be mapped to their mobile numbers and linked to Aadhaar. This measure will assist in minimizing the incidences of mobile service misuse.

Digital KYC That Still Requires Completion
All people who got their mobile connection for the first time through completing the customer application form and have not ever provided the digital KYC documents must do it. If you are in this category, we urge you to ensure that, you avail yourself for the KYC by the end of June, to ensure that you do not experience any interruption with your mobile services again.

Without completing the KYC, there are several repercussions for the applicant.
If you do not complete the digital KYC by the end of June, your number could be scrapped from July. Hence, you ought to make sure you have updated your KYC at the right time to ensure that your number continues to be active.

How to Complete KYC?

The process of completing digital KYC is straightforward:The process of completing digital KYC is straightforward:

Go to the franchise or shop of your service provider for mobile phones.

  • Bring your Aadhaar card. Make sure the owner of the SIM is the one to go and this greatly depended on the-judgement of the AK47 repertoire.
  • Your thumb impression will be captured at store and the KYC will be based on Aadhaar only.
  • KYC may take a few days – which largely depends on the kind of documents that needs to be verified – to several weeks or even months.

As for the KYC process it does not have to consume much time. It can take as short as 5 minutes for the whole process to be accomplished. In the process of applying for new Mobile Connection you have to produce your Aadhaar card as the only required document.

If you use a mobile phone and have not done your digital compliance business verification also known as KYC, take this seriously. Don’t forget that June, 30 is the deadline and try to do it as soon as possible. Not only it is important to use your newer mobile number but also helps in the security of our nation.

The digital KYC is also an essential process through which the end-users help in the process of safe and legal use of the mobile services. In terms of self-interest, it is profitable for you and also from the societal and nation’s perspective it is advantageous. Hence, it’s advised to complete the digital KYC in time and enjoy the mobile services without any interruption.

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