A famous poker player says that he was "clearly cheated" during one of the biggest and most well-known money games held in the US

The world of poker was awed Thursday with the most dramatic poker event that was the most dramatic of this season.

The no-limit Texas hold'em star Garrett Adelstein admitted that the poker star was "clearly betrayed" when he played an amount of $269,000.

It was a contest against a brand-new participant Robbie Lew at Hustler Casino Live. This is how it went.

Pro-poker player Garrett Adelstein alleged he was "clearly betrayed" in one of the largest and most well-known poker tournaments in the world.

Adelstein is a frequent guest at the 24 hours-a-day Hustler Casino located in Gardena,

 It's a live stream on weekdays that brings together the best poker players in the world to play no-limit Texas hold'em poker games.

In a poker hand played on the live stream on Thursday, Adelstein was stunned when his semi-bluff shove using eight-high as well as a draw was called by a new participant Robbi Jade Lew.

The debate started after Adelstein along with Lew played a game of heads-up.

Lew called Adelstein's preflop $3,000 rise from the $800 strangle The Jack of Clubs as well as four hearts in comparison to more experienced