A quality of air advisory is issued to Bay Area due to California, Oregon wildfire smoke

The Bay Area for Friday because of the possibility for smoke to enter the region from the wildfires that have been burning in Oregon as well as elsewhere in California.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District issued an air quality alert in

District officials have urged Bay Area residents to stay in their homes with doors and windows shut until the smoke levels decrease.

They also advise setting your both the car and home air conditioning to be able to recirculate to keep outside air from getting inside.

A warning about air quality has been issued to The San Francisco Bay Area for Friday, due to the smoke from wildfires as per to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Smoke from the wildfires that have ravaged California in California and Oregon is anticipated to be a threat to in the Bay Area through Friday,

 Pollutant levels aren't anticipated to surpass the 24-hour national health standards. An alert to avoid air pollution is not in force. Smoky, hazy skies could be visible, and smoke smells could be evident.