Anna Day at 'Blonde' first-ever Venice Film Festival premiere photograph

On Thursday this week, the Blonde group put on an event that showcased the golden age of Hollywood.

Star Ana de Armas shining in a full-length pink gown.

The red carpet was walked down prior to the film's Palazzo del Cinema 79th Venice Film Festival world premiere.

When they were making their film biopic "Blonde," Andrew Dominik and Ana De Armas reported feeling Marilyn Monroe's ghost.

Adrien Brody and other stars also attended Adrien Brody, along with other stars, attended Lido celebrations.

Bobby Cannavale, who portrays Arthur Miller, the spouse of Marilyn Monroe.

The character is played in the film by Joe DiMaggio, and her mother is played as Julianne Nicholson.

De Armas was accompanied on the red carpet by Brad Pitt and director Andrew Dominik.

Who was the producer of the film? the help of Plan B Entertainment.

The film is a fictional depiction of Monroe that is based upon Joyce Carol Oates' novel. Joyce Carol Oates novel.

Making use of a mixture of facts and fiction, the show uses a combination of fact and to recreate how the famous Hollywood star.