Apple Unveils 3 New Apple Watches Including $1,299 'Ultra' in Titanium

Apple has announced the three latest Apple Watches that include the Ultra, priced at $1299 AUD made for exploration, with a huge steel case that measures 49mm.

Although the majority of Apple journalist around the world was expecting to see an Apple Watch Pro instead of an 'Ultra' ,

Apple Watch Ultra

Inspired by the explorers and athletes from all over the world we have created a brand new kind of Apple Watch designed for new and challenging environments

It's the most durable and robust Apple Watch yet." Apple Watch Ultra is a versatile tool that empowers users to push their boundaries with adventure, endurance and exploration," the Apple Watch Ultra's creator said.

Key features and updates in Apple Watch Ultra. Apple Watch Ultra

In normal usage, Apple Watch Ultra can achieve an impressive up to an hour of battery time with an iPhone at present.

The brand new Retina display can be set to 2000 nits. This is two times brighter than the Apple Watch display.

Three microphones built-in to dramatically improve the sound quality for voice calls.

"Trail Loop" band is the tiniest band to date.

There's an "Ocean Band" for water sports with the ability to use a long tail over wetsuits.