1 Bed Bath & Beyond CFO Gustavo Arnal Dies by Suicide at 52 years old.

Google has confirmed that the executive was killed on September 2, at 52 years old. 52.

The New York Police Department's Office of the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information.

Department reported to EHB News that in downtown the city, officers found an "52-year-old man" who was unconscious and not responsive.

In September 2 responding to an emergency call from 911, Manhattan.

This man "appeared to suffer from injuries indicative of a fall from an elevated position," according to the office.

Police, as reported by CNBC According to police, Arnal fell off an building.

In accordance to the Office of the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information the deputy commissioner was declared dead on the site by ambulance services.

Arnal is identified as this person.

As per to the New York City medical examiner's office, Arnal committed suicide and was afflicted with multiple blunt traumas prior to dying away.