"Disney's New Animated Song Is About the Star Its Heroes Wish

The latest Disney animated film is named Wish.

This article explores the background of the enchanting wish star one of its most popular characters.

I'm not kidding, at least in part. The"wish upon a star" story is a significant basis for inspiration in the film.

Motif, which is featured in many various movies.

A young heroine called Asha wants to be an eagle in the kingdom and is asking to be given direction.

And , lo and behold, it's just as it is in Stardust from Neil Gaiman.

To aid Asha To help Asha, a star by known as Star will be transferred to the realm of Rosas.

Wish will be made with a fresh style which appears to combine 3D animation as well as watercolour elements.

Julia Michaels will write the music to be used in musical. musical.

Anita DeBose, who portrayed Anita in the movie 2021 West Side Story, will be Asha's voice.

Disney famous veteran Alan Tudyk, known for portraying various animal characters, such as Hei-Hei in Moana.