Donald Trump signals he might run for US presidential election 2024

Donald Trump has declared that he will run in his 2024 US president's race, saying his assertion that "everyone" wants him to run for president again 

This 76-year old Republican leader, who has not accepted loss in 2020's US Presidential election to the Democratic Party rival Joe Biden said"we didn't lose. "we didn't lose."

in an interview to NDTV news channel at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, the former president stated "Everyone wants me to run, I'm leading in the polls.

A lot of people will be (happy); and a couple of people will be unhappy," said the president without naming the people who will not be satisfied at his selection

While he hasn't acknowledged Biden's victory and his swearing in of the 45th US president in the month of January 2021 Trump himself has made false allegations of fraud in several key US states, 

Answering to an inquiry regarding his recent FBI raids that took place at the Mar-a-Lago hotel in Florida in connection with allegations that he had revoked confidential files from the White House before leaving his White House in 2021, 

The month before it was reported that the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago which is the home for the president's former residence of Palm Beach, 

"It was a terrible thing. And frankly, that's had a big impact on the population. But that was a terrible thing that they did. Raiding my home was a terrible thing.

it was very strange to the public also, to the American people, because they were not happy with it. And if you look at the result of that, you can see that they were not happy.