EMA Awards,See a full list of winners below:

FEATURE FILM Don’t Look Up — Netflix (WINNER) Jurassic World Dominion — Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment

VARIETY TELEVISION Ziwe: Hot! — Showtime The Problem with Jon Stewart: Climate Change — Apple TV+ (WINNER)

Saturday Night Live: Episode #1812 — NBCUniversal, Broadway Video CHILDREN’S TELEVISION

Teen Titans Go!: Polly Ethylene and Tara Phthalate — Cartoon Network/Warner Bros. Animation (Warner Bros. Discovery)

Kid Correspondent: Which Snack Is Best For the Planet? — Participant/YouTube Originals (WINNER)

Mickey Mouse Funhouse: “Crystal Clear Waters” — Disney Branded Television 

DOCUMENTARY FILM Eating Our Way To Extinction — Broxstar Productions LTD and Seine Pictures (WINNER)

FIN — Discovery+ (Warner Bros. Discovery Burning — Amazon Studios, Propagate Content, Dirty Films Youth

Unstoppable: The Rise of the Global Youth Climate  Movement — WaterBear, Scythia Films, Connect4Climate and Creative Visions

DOCUMENTARY SERIES The Next Thing You Eat: Sushi — Hulu The Green Planet: Human Worlds — BBC Studios The Natural History Unit

America the Beautiful: Brave New World — National Geographic (WINNER) Meltdown: Three Mile Island: The Accident — Netflix