FBI found 48 empty folders that had contained classified documents at Trump’s home

Black Section SeparatorA complete information listing of the items that were taken away was made public by the FBI's search for Mar-a-Lago.

Black Section SeparatorA question from the government on whether they've received the entire file or if there is anything that remains missing.

Black Section SeparatorThe FBI has taken into custody the former President Donald J. The FBI searched Trump's home,

Black Section Separatorwhere 48 folders that contained important files were removed 

The Black Section Separatornew filing was discovered in the courtroom regarding documents, and whether or not the files were found and/or not.

Black Section SeparatorIn court the court battle, it was discovered this Friday, that the document that was found in the search had sealed.

Black Section SeparatorFBI officials found that the files contained a great deal of sensitive information, as certain files were marked "top secret.