How To Refer And Earn Money From Apps In 2022 

Let's learn how to refer and earn money.

There are many applications in Step by Step 2022, through which you can easily earn money by easily refer and earn sitting at home.

What Is Refer And Earn  Money?

Refer and earn is a type of affiliate marketing. Through which a company or app sells its products. New users are also added. In return, the company or app gives you a commission.

How To Refer And Earn Money

The application you use. Right now maybe a lot of you have such people. Those who do not know that you can refer and earn 

money through that application. When you open an application, there is an option in it. Refer and earn money to your friends,

All your social media platforms such as Facebook Instagram Telegram etc. But you can earn money by sharing your referral link.

How to create a refer and earn link?

You have to go to the account section of your application, where you will see the option of Refer and Earn, by clicking on it,

you will generate your referral link, then you will see the option to share on all social media on the same page. You can select and share