Incredible facts regarding Zac Efron

The heroine in The Ring, sharks, and zombies are only some examples of Zac Efron's fears.

Zac stated that he is a fan of Carl's Jr.'s Western Bacon Cheeseburger to the hilt.

He also said that playing poker or video games professionally is one of his dream jobs.

The group known as "The Wallflowers" was the performance he watched live in person for the first time.

He has said that he would not mind changing his lives to an English monarch.

He said to be the "bookworm" in school, always striving to achieve the best marks.

He has said that the beautiful Angelina Jolie left him feeling "star-struck. 

Tyra Banks was the first crush on an celebrity.

The boy cut out the photograph of Tyra Banks from the magazine his mother gave him and pinned the image to the ceiling in the ceiling of his bedroom.

He was detained because he wrote a school essay on the fact that he was "raised in the presence of wolves"