Inside MacKenzie Scott's multi-billion dollar divorce from Seattle School teacher Dan Jewett.

MacKenzie Scott is one of the richest women on the planet -her Net amount of $27.9 billion at the time of writing according to Bloomberg Billionaire's Index.

This morning, the 52 year old filed an application to divorce her spouse, Seattle school teacher Dan Jewett after they tied the knot in California last year.

Despite her wealth, the divorce is likely to be "pretty basic and simple," according to a lawyer representing families,

David Glass, who viewed the divorce papers, which were sent to the Washington State's King County Superior Court on Monday.

Court documents have not confirmed the existence of a prenuptial contract between Scott - whom was previously

Engaged to Amazon the founder Jeff Bezos - and Jewett who didn't contest his divorce The New York Times reported in its article.

However, the couple negotiated the terms of separation, which includes the disposition of their marital property in a separation agreement.

A separation contract in accordance with Washington law means that you tell your spouse that you are going to divorce, and we'll work out the entire process ourselves.

Washington State law allows divorcing couples to keep their separate contract "completely secret," Glass adds,