Instagram is set to overwhelm your feeds with advertisements.

Instagram is once more at risk of an outrage from its users as its parent company Meta is looking to increase its profits.

The social media website is adding two additional ads slots to feeds of users and letting businesses display ads on the Explore homepage and within the feeds of profiles.

The announcement comes a few months after Instagram users slammed the app's growth in the number of content that is recommended by AI.

In the moment, around 15 percent of content on an individual's Facebook or Instagram feed is suggested by the app's AI.

This is evident in posts from groups, accounts or people who don't have followers. 

In the next year Meta Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg said, those figures will more than double.

The advertisements on the Instagram's Explore homepage will be displayed on the grid that users are able to view when using this tool.

It's a change from the previous system, which was where ads were only displayed within an Explore feed that users would view after tapping on an article.

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