iPhone 15 Pro Price Rumors

Recent reports claim the iPhone 15 Pro models could see a $100-200 price increase over current iPhone 14 Pro prices. Here's what we know so far.

Higher Prices Predicted

Sources tell DigiTimes the iPhone 15 Pro may start at $1099 while the Pro Max could reach $1299. This would be $100-200 more than iPhone 14 Pro pricing. However, the regular iPhone 15 models may still start around $799-899.

Sales Impact Estimated

Apple's shipments could drop by around 8% if prices increase as rumored. This factors in a projected 5% decline in global smartphone sales. Still, Apple is expected to sell around 77 million iPhone 15 units.

Bigger Storage & Batteries

To justify higher prices, the iPhone 15 Pro models may feature larger baseline storage capacities and bigger batteries compared to iPhone 14 Pro. This could improve value.

New Camera Upgrades

The Pro Max may get a periscope telephoto lens. All models may also get the Dynamic Island interface first seen on iPhone 14 Pro.

Action Button on ProModels

Code in iOS 16.2 hints the iPhone 15 Pro could include an additional hardware button for triggering actions like launching apps or shortcuts.

September 12 Event Expected

Most rumors point to Apple's next iPhone launch event taking place on September 12, 2022 where full details will be revealed.

Worth the Extra Cost?

With potential upgrades and improvements, will the iPhone 15 Pro series still seem worthwhile even at higher prices? Apple will need to deliver clear value.

Pricing Confirmation Pending

We won't know the official pricing until Apple's September event. There's a chance prices may not increase as much as currently rumored.

Stay Tuned for Updates!

As the big launch draws near, check back for more iPhone 15 coverage and details on Apple's plans for these upcoming flagship devices.