Jake Paul Net Worth In 2022

Jake Paul is an American social media star actor, boxer, actor and comedian. At the time of writing, Jake's estimated net worth was $30 million.

Jake is regularly among the most lucrative YouTube stars around the globe with a salary of $20 million, and upwards of 40 million a year (before taxation).

The star gained a lot of media attention after the music video of his hit single "It's All Day Bro" became a hit on YouTube. Paul is the brother to YouTube celebrity Logan Paul.

Jake Joseph Paul was born on the 17th of January 1997 at Westlake, Ohio to Pamela Stepnick and Gregory Paul. He has a brother named Logan who is well-known YouTube celebrity.

Jake began posting videos on the now defunct YouTube video site Vine. He had more than five million followers and 2 million views Vine when it went offline.

Jake began his career in video in September of 2013. When Vine was shut in January of 2017 Disney brought on Jake to appear on"Bizaardvark," a sitcom "Bizaardvark.

His favorite line on the show included "It's everyday, Bro!" (Side note: The catchy catchy name isn't grammatically correct).

"Everyday" refers to everyday normal or routine such as: "these are my everyday normal socks." I'm pretty certain Jake is planning to use the phrase "It's Every Day,

In July of 2017, Jake was fired from "Bizaardvark" during the Season 2. In the meantime, Paul had generated a number of controversy,

Jake Paul launched Team 10 in January of 2017. Team 10 is an influencer-based digital advertising platform as well as a creative company that develops and promotes entertainment for teens.