Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva boxing match announcement

Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva officially became official on Tuesday night when Showtime revealed the match in the form of a boxing bout between the YouTube sensation along with the UFC legend.

 YouTuber-turned-boxer, an "international superstar and serial risk taker," and said the matchup with Silva will be "the biggest challenge of his career."

Jake Paul sent a message to the "non-believers" after signing to fight Anderson Silva.

Anderson Silva says his Oct. 29 matchup alongside Jake Paul will be a unique event

jake Paul has once again done it. For his next boxing match , he's secured the former UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva. At 47 years old, Silva is nearly twice Paul's age.

However, he's the most legitimate fight opponent in Paul's history. If they meet on the 29th of October in Arizona there's the possibility of a massive loss.

Paul has had fights against Tommy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr. end in August. In the last month, MVP teased his next fight, saying that the fight "almost certainly will be the underdog."

Paul as well as Silva will fight in the very first fight next week , with two news conferences, one at Los Angeles on Monday and Phoenix where the fight will be held the following day.

 Jake Paul won't fight Anderson Silva.  Well, to all the non-believers to all the doubters - Jake Paul is fighting Anderson Silva.