Judge won’t throw out Alabama teen’s confession to killing 5 family members

A judge has ruled today not to dismiss an Alabama teenager's confession to murdering his family members three years ago, when he was 14 years old.

The Court believes that the motion of the defendant to Suppress Statements has to being denied." Limestone County Circuit Judge Chad Wise wrote in an order issued today.

The 14 year old Mason Sisk confessed in an interrogation area, telling investigators that he did not wish for his children to grow up in a family home where parents often argue.

Sisk is being charged with capital murder. He is being accused of killing and shooting his parents as well as three younger siblings in the family home located in Elkmont on September. 2, 2019.

His father the 38 year old John Sisk, his 35-year-old adoptive mother Mary Sisk, and his siblings, 6-year-old Kane 5 years old Rorrie and 6 months-old Colson passed away from shooting wounds.

They argue often, and I became frustrated," Sisk said in the confessional tape. "And the kids were going through a lot."