Kyrie Andrew Irwin is an American professional basketball athlete in the NBA. He plays for the Brooklyn Nets. The most well-known player in the NBA.

Kyrie Irving net worth

Irving has already made $150 million in his career, so he's certainly done well for himself.

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Kyrie Irving lakers:

2021 Nets 29 37.6 27.4 4.4

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2020 Nets 54 34.9 26.9 4.8

Career 611 34.0 23.1 3.8

Kyrie Irving Wifes:

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Kyrie has two children with two different women. He had his first child in 2015 with Andrea Wilson. 

Marlene Wilkerson 

Kyrie Irving Contract:

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The Nets offered Kevin Durant a four-year, $194 million contract extension in 2021.

Kyrie Irving Trade:

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Despite persistent rumors that Irving might seek a sign-and-trade with another team, he opted into his player option, so he'll make $36 million this year.

Kyrie Irving Twitter:

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Kyrie Irving twitter Account Name  Hélà And User Id @KyrieIrving

Kyrie Irving Age:

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Kyrie Irving Born: 23 March 1992 (age 30 years), Melbourne, Australia

Kyrie Irving Shoes:

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Kyrie Irving Uses Nike Basketball Shoes Current teams: Brooklyn Nets