Mila Kunis says a surprising scene from 'That '90s Show' is among the most "nervous" she's been.

Mila Kunis sat down with Willie Geist on Sunday TODAY to discuss the reboot of "That 70s Show" that has her doing something

she has said she'd likely never repeat and that is to star alongside her husband Ashton Kutcher.

On "That 90s Show"" Kunis and Kutcher, who were the characters in the show's first season but never got married they appear as a couple who are married.

Kunis reprises her role as Jackie Burkhart, told Geist she was scared to play her part alongside Kutcher who plays Michael Kelso.

"We're going to perform a sequence with each other ... as an engaged couple ... I've never felt more anxious in my entire life," the actor said laughing.

If asked for more information in the presence of Willie, Kunis said her hesitation stems from the relationship they Kutcher have built up after over seven years of union.

It was so bizarre to stare at him but not say"Why are you making that funny look? or for him to not glance at me to think"Why are you doing that?

There's something inside you that is triggered after having been together, you are able to make a statement that you would like to call BS on someone else,

It's weird, since we lived in the same house and it's set within the basement of our house however, we're married and old and have kids," Kunis said.