MLB playoff update: postseason bracket and standings, as well as key Monday matches to Phillies, Braves,

In 2022, the MLB season is on the verge of the final finish line. If it's not on the TV watching Albert Pujols try to blast past 700 career homers as well as Aaron Judge try to set the American League

Take home the Triple Crown, it's all about the playoffs. To keep you up-to with the latest developments in the postseason,

we'll lay out the postseason picture every day through Game 162 on October. 5, and we'll highlight games that could make the difference.

First of all, you may recall that in the bargaining contract which brought the lockout to an end, team owners and players widened the postseason.

Six teams now compete in each league. There are with three division winners, and 3 wild card teams.

This means that there is a new route towards World Series World Series, and different options for watching the race come all the way to the finish.

The Nos. 1 - and 2-seedsthe two top division winners have a bye into the Division Series, a huge advantage.

The remaining four teams will square off in a three-game wild-card series. It replaces the one-game wild card showdowns which will be held exclusively at the stadium with the highest seed.