NIA filed a remand notice to NIA in PFI the case. 

The rumors are emerging during the NIA raids which created sensations across the Telugu states. NIA discovered that massive conspiracies were in the shadows. The NIA officers who conducted raids in two states,  

arrested four suspects Feroze, Usman, Imran and Sameer and brought them before the courtroom. 

NIA: Sensations are emerging during the NIA raids which have created an uproar across Telugu states. NIA found that massive conspiracy theories were hiding.  

Usman, Imran and Sameer and brought them to the courtroom. The accused were detained. The NIA has submitted its remand statement to the Court on the Tuesday of this week,  

stressed the main issues. PFI employees collaborated together with Abdul Qader to carry out terrorist acts in the Remand Report. 

It was found that their goal was to target a group of people and teach them to fight using iron rods and swords under the guise of endurance tests for physical strength. 

Special training is provided to activists under the name of the PFI group for this type of attack. Special centers have been established in several districts to facilitate this.  

Abdul Qader and team encourage the members of the group who go for instruction to these centers in order to draw them into the terror conspiracy. 

In addition, the NIA Remand Report stated that the principal person in the investigation, Abdul Qader, exposed the plot in the course of an investigation.