Simple Darling Simple Darling: Inside Olivia Wilde and Harry's Love

It's like an instant passed between Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles their initial reaction to "Hmm, that's random" and "Well it's normal.

It's been more than two years since the latest film's production began.

Don't Worry, Darling, starring Florence Pugh and Styles as Jack and Alice.

A charming couple lives in a utopian town located in the California desert, where there are serious problems.

We all came very close to the bubble of production.

The thriller's world premiere will be in September 5, at the Venice Film Festival, Wilde said in Variety.

It's also clear that certain were more successful to others.

Wilde said the fact that Styles had been her initial choice to be Jack.

After watching his debut as an actor in Dunkirk I was impressed.

His schedule, however, was not made available until after the pandemic caused him to end the 2020 travel plans.

It just so happens that she was able to find her real lover (after Shia LaBeouf had exited the project due to reasons that are being debated).