Contestant Soundarya Sharma has accused Shalin Bhanot for bringing up her character and saying the truth about her kiss on the cheek.

In the last episode in the previous episode, we saw in the previous episode that Gautam Vig as well as Soundarya Sharma are in a heated argument

following Soundarya was kissed by Shalin on the cheek of Shalin while both were at work in the garden.

However, Soundarya explained that it was for fun and was not meant to be serious, however Gautam stated that he does not enjoy jokes like this.

In response, Soundarya got upset that was the reason for him to behave in this way.

She is now blaming Shalin for making her name famous and uttering untrue statements about the character of her.

She told Gautam: "Who is he to discuss my character? To tell others about me , and then declare that he's going to break me up.

He's telling everybody that'Soundarya kissed me about himself' and what he believes of himself."

There was a meaning behind the kiss, but the man isn't telling it to anyone, rather he's telling me that I'm following him.

He has no idea about my life, about my friends, or my love interest," she added.