Stranger Things star Maya Hawke would like the character of Robin to be killed in season 5 of Stranger Things. 

She continued, "I love the way that the Duffer Brothers love their actors. The reason that they write so beautifully for me and for everyone else is because they fall in love with their actors and their characters,

She continued, "I think that's a beautiful quality that they have, and I wouldn't wish it away."

In the meantime, The Duffer Bros. during the Happy Sad Confused podcasr opened about their decision to take out series regulars. 

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They addressed the cast members Millie Bobby Brown, who suggested that the show should adopt The "Game of Thrones" playbook and eliminate characters.

They added, "We've explored all options in the writing room," saying, "Just as a complete possibility If you murder Mike then it's... It's sad.

 This isn't Game of Thrones. The show is Hawkins It's not Westeros. The show doesn't become "Stranger Things" anymore because you must take it seriously, right?"

In the meantime, there is talk of a spinoff The Duffer Bros. having been told that the spinoff isn't based on a character already in existence.