Texas woman was found to be guilty of capital murder for killing pregnant woman,An Texas woman was found guilty on Tuesday of murder capital after murdering 

An Texas woman was found guilty on Tuesday of murder capital after murdering a pregnant woman and then removing her baby out of her womb.

Taylor Rene Parker, 29 is found to be guilty of the murder of the 21-year-old victim, Reagan Micelle Simmons-Hancock in the home of the victim located in New Boston in October 2020.

The Bowie County jury deliberated about an hour before determining Parker guilty of murder and kidnapping of the infant girl who was cut from the womb. She later passed away.

The defense team insisted that the baby wasn't alive and demanded that the kidnapping case be dismissed. This would have reduced the capital murder accusation to murder.

That's the reason why in our opening statements we took so long to discuss definitions. It is not possible to kidnap someone who has never been born living,

The prosecution claimed that several medical experts had testified the baby was heart-beat at the time she was born.

Parker had battered Simmons-Hancock's skull several times using the hammer, then she stabbed and cut her over 100 times before taking her baby boy from the womb using scalpel.

The defendant who faking her own pregnancy for a period of nearly 10 months, was able to research ways to fake pregnancy. 

In the days prior to shooting, Parker was hiding herself in order to appear pregnant as well as faked ultrasounds. 

She then published social media posts claiming she was expecting and also was announcing her gender.