The NFC East is certainly not more than four weeks away from the 2022 NFL season.

The Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants all scored impressive victories in NFL Week 4 on Sunday.

The Eagles made it 4-0 following their victory against their opponents, the Jacksonville Jaguars, which makes them the only team that is undefeated within the NFL.

The Cowboys (without quarterback Dak Prescott) defeated their opponents the Washington Commandos in order to improve their record to 3-1.

The Giants beat Chicago Bears to also improve their record. Chicago Bears to also improve to 3-1.

The top three NFC East teams are all 10-2 thus far in the season. This is the most impressive score in the Top Three Teams of any division of the NFL.

This includes the NFC north's three top teams (Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears) and the AFC East's top three teams (Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills,

See how we rate the 32 teams of the NFL as we head into The 5th week of 2022-23 season from lowest to top. Previous rankings in the parenthesis.

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