The Story of Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde were in perfect harmony

The way Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde They were in Perfect Harmony 

On September 5th the couple made an impressive entrance to the Venice Film Festival premiere of Don't be Worried Darling.

Olivia was stunning in a vibrant green custom Gucci gown that featured a dramatic neckline. The couple seemed to have fallen in love.

A cape that has an extended floor length train with diamond-fringe details.

Harry obviously was the only one to add his own unique flair to this occasion.

Wearing a stylish two-breasted, navy Gucci suit, paired with a cute blue button-down.

Long collar Despite having were in separate places, their choice to use the identical clothes from the top fashion house demonstrated how well-coordinated they were.

Although they didn't walk the red carpet and despite not walking the red carpet together, the couple did.

The pose is alongside Sydney Chandler, the actress at the center of the group.

At a press event in September 4 both did the identical gesture.

While the cast members stood at the opposite sides from them.