The Teen Mom's Cheyenne Floyd Says She Was shot at 13 times by

The season premiere of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter on September 6.

The MTV reality TV star spoke about a frightening car trip that they will never forget with her husband Zach Davis.

Zach recounted the experience in the following way "We were just riding , and it was music playing.

Chy says to me "What is that," as we're having a normal time in the vehicle. My face was covered in what was the color of a glowing green beam.

Next, I saw a person wearing an gun.

Zach was reported to have been in Chy's home by a person we both knew.

There are pictures of him. Then suddenly you hear gunshots.

It was the most horrible sensation in the world when we hit the rear of the Prius after he smashed into his car thirteen times.

Everyone was safe, even Ryder 5, and Ace her 15-month-old son were unharmed.