Enjoy Netflix Anywhere

Three Ways To Download your Movies or Shows.

Netflix has a huge collection of films and TV shows that you can stream on demand. However, if you're traveling or on your way to work and need to get to work,

 If you're not able to access the internet or prefer not to make use of mobile data to stream or downloading shows, you can download them prior to when you're in Wi-Fi.

Netflix began offering downloads in November 2016 and has stepped up its capabilities to download since. 

Now , you can alter the settings of your Netflix settings to enable automatic downloads and deletions when you've completed watching

A film or show, as well being able to download an unlimited number of new downloads so you can ensure that you always have something to stream offline.

Discover how to download Netflix content manually, and learn how to modify your download settings to enable Netflix to manage it 

Automatically for you using Netflix's Smart Downloads features. To learn more, read the secrets of Netflix's menu and read our reviews of all streaming services.

If you're familiar with Netflix on your mobile device, then you've likely noticed that dark "Download" button which sits just above "Play."

When you click that button, it starts downloading an local version of the film or program you're interested in.

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