Was Michael Jackson's net Worth?

Michael Jackson was an American musician, singer, actor and producer. He also philanthropist. was worth less than $500 million as of the date of his demise.

In terms of technicality one could say that, at the time of Michael's death, Michael was in debt in the amount of $500 million

 Michael has sold more than 75 million albums, which includes 35 million albums that were sold during the year that followed his death.

Michael Jackson Net Worth at the time of his death

The technical aspect of the net worth of Michael Jackson as of the date of his death was $500 million negative.

To fund his lifestyle, at one time Michael took out a 380-million credit from Bank of America, using his 50% stake within the publishing firm Sony/ATV to secure the loan. 

The interest rate for that loan was in the thousands of dollars per year. In just a couple of years, 

Michael Jackson had wiped out the total $380 million, plus $120 million. That's why when he died in 2009, dying in 2009 Michael Jackson was $500 million in debt.