What is the role of Camilla as Queen Consort involves 

After the news that Queen Elizabeth II passed away on the 8th of September, Buckingham Palace declared that her son Charles was to succeed to her. 

Three the monarch of The United Kingdom. This resulted to Camilla Parker Bowles wife of his wife.

The palace has announced in an announcement that she was awarded an honorary title:

If you take into consideration those words Clarence House said in 2005 the following comment might be a shocking shock to some people.

Camilla used to be known to by the title of Princess Consort after Charles was crowned heir to the throne.

However, 7 Elizabeth announced her plan to change her name to the Queen Elizabeth at the time of 2022. I would prefer the Duchess previously appropriately called Cornwall to be referred to as the queen's Consort.

When the time is right, the son of mine Charles shall become king.

I'm certain that you will stand by your husband and Camilla the same way you've been there for me.

She also said: "It is my sincere wish that when that time comes," she declared during her remarks at the Jubilee celebrations.

While continuing to provide her devoted service to his husband Camilla is referred to by her title of queen Consort.