Who do you think is Mike Barnes in Cobra Kai season 5? The brief background of the Karate Kid's "bad boy"

Cobra Kai is no stranger to returning to and reintroducing the characters that were prominent in Karate Kid's previous.

This is no different with season 5 which sees Mike Barnes, a former Cobra Kai pupil Mike Barnes make a comeback in a surprising manner.

It's not everyone who has seen Cobra Kai and Karate Kid Part 3. So, who is Mike Barnes? What is his connection to Daniel LaRusso? What's his relationship to Terry Silver?

To answer that question you'll need to return to 1989's Karate Kid Part 3. Many will have seen the first two films in the series,

Mike Barnes is one of the main antagonists of Karate Kid 3 and is played by Sean Kanan. He is secretly employed by Terry Silver

Who seeks revenge against Daniel as well as Mr. Miyagi, on behalf of his all-time friend Kreese who is determined to beat in the All-Valley Tournament and beat Daniel.

A decade later, during Cobra Kai season 5, Daniel looks up Mike (once once again played by Sean Kanan) - who is believed to be one of the only remaining allies with Terry.

Mike Barnes in Cobra Kai season 5 - spoilers inside

After Terry discovers that Daniel has attempts to dig dirt on his property, the millionaire reacts by destroying Mike's shop.

In the finale of season one, Mike - broke and with his marriage in a crisis has kidnapped Daniel, Johnny and Chozen however, he soon is able to focus his attention on taking revenge on Terry Silver.