Why J.R.R. Tolkien is actually in his grave

In the midst of Middle-earth an evil power, dark force has begun gathering.

When compared to that of the Witch-King from Angmar It is more toxic. More dangerous in comparison to Smaug and more dangerous than Sauron.

Indeed, the conservatives have been falling on Endor.

The controversy over the Amazon game The Rings of Power is likely something you've been hearing about.

What are the neoconfederate nudniks doing? combating the streaming company's brand-new 1 billion dollars Lord of the Rings prequel series with force.

Their biggest complaint? The elves of the show aren't enough Caucasian.

Along with many other Katzenjammer culture warriors, Red State is a extreme-right website.

They argue that J.R.R. Tolkien has been corrupted and perverted in The series.

Through the use of Black as well as Latino actors such as Ismael Cruz Cordova Tolkien could to create his vision of a fantasy world that resembled the Middle Ages.

Who is Arondir or an warrior of the elf or other roles that they believe are only appropriate to white people.