The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the world's biggest and most expensive cricket league, attracting the best players from around the world. However, recent reports suggest that Saudi Arabia is offering the IPL owners the chance to set up the world's richest T20 league in their country. 

Saudi Arabia's plan 

Media reports suggest that Saudi Arabia has been holding meetings with the organizers of the IPL to set up the world's most expensive cricket league.

Talks for a year 

According to reports, talks for the Saudi Arabian league have been going on for almost a year. However, the league will need to be approved by the International Cricket Council (ICC) before anything is confirmed.

Interest in cricket 

ICC President Greg Barclay confirmed Saudi Arabia's interest in cricket, saying that the organizers are very keen to invest in the sport.

BCCI's policy 

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has a policy that prevents Indian players from participating in leagues abroad.

No players for Saudi Arabia's league 

In light of Saudi Arabia's plan, the BCCI has announced that they will not allow any Indian players to participate in the league.

BCCI source 

A BCCI source said, "There is no question of releasing Indian players. The very premise of the question is wrong. There is a policy, and we will stick to it."

Approval from ICC 

Before the Saudi Arabian league can become a reality, it needs to be approved by the ICC.

Investment in cricket 

Saudi Arabia's interest in cricket reflects a growing trend of investment in the sport from countries outside the traditional cricket-playing nations.


The possibility of a new cricket league in Saudi Arabia has raised questions about whether Indian players will be able to participate. However, the BCCI has made it clear that their policy prevents players from participating in leagues abroad. The ICC's approval is needed before any such league can become a reality.