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📆Google Calendar Tips & Tricks

 Today we are  going to look at the best tips and  tricks in google calendar 

google calendar


 let’s check these out  at number one we have keyboard shortcut  keys and these help you quickly navigate  throughout your calendar  it also happens to be a fantastic way to  make your co-workers think that you’re a  computer nerd  and how do i know this well let’s just  say that. 

i know some keyboard shortcut  keys  with shortcut keys you can jump between  views.

 You can jump to a specific date  
You can create a new event 
You can jump  to today 

Those are a few examples of  what you can do with keyboard shortcut  keys  and you only have to remember one  shortcut key. 

 Simply press the question mark key on  your keyboard and that will open up a  cheat sheet with all of the available  shortcut keys.  

If you don’t see this you may need to  enable it  go up to the settings gear in the top  right hand corner then click on settings  and then on the left hand side click on  keyboard shortcuts and then make sure  that this box is checked. 

 Much as i like keyboard  shortcut keys the mouse also has a lot  of power   calendar you want to see the  next three upcoming days when you click  into my calendar views there’s no preset  view for that you can go over to the side  panel calendar and here you will highlight  three days and this updates my calendar  to show me those days. 

 That’s pretty cool  also You can reschedule meetings with my  mouse here this meeting is coming up  relatively early in the week and you want  a little bit more time to prepare  you can simply press on that event and  drag it to the end of the week. 

 You can also set up new events by using my  mouse here you can drag on my calendar and  you can specify the exact amount of time  for this event . 

And you  can use this as well for multiple  day events here you  will drag across  multiple days   

 You can create an event  directly from an email in gmail here you  have an email thread with nester where.

  Sometimes you just can’t beat a  face-to-face meeting  or a face to camera to monitor to face  meeting  to set this up click on the ellipsis up  on top and then there’s the option to  create an event and this pulls in all  the details from the email thread the  subject becomes the title the email  thread itself becomes the description  also everyone. 


You can turn on  additional time zones on your calendar  this way it makes it easier to schedule  meetings with people who work in  different parts of the world and also  this way you won’t schedule a meeting in  the middle of their night  unless of course this is a power move on  your part to set this. 

Up click on the  settings gear in the top right hand  corner 

Then click on settings 

And then  click on time zone over on the left hand  side  

Check the box that says display  secondary time zone  in the drop down list. 

You can now choose  the other time zone  you can also assign labels to make it  easier to recognize these time zones on  your calendar  back in your calendar you’ll now see an  additional time zone appear.  

You can receive multiple  notifications for an event  why would anyone ever need something  like this well maybe you have a goldfish  brain like mine and between receiving  the original notification and the start  time you might completely forget about  the event  to set this up. 

Over on the left hand  side hover over the calendar where you  would like to add this .

Then click on the  ellipsis and. 

Then select settings  on the left hand side. 

Click on event  notifications and here you’ll see the  default notification time mine is  currently set to 15 minutes before the  meeting  you can also add an additional  notification. 

Before the meeting so this  way right as the meeting starts i get  another notification this way you won’t be  late and you  won’t miss it  you can even add additional  notifications 

Let’s say you want maybe  an email message the day before the  meeting you can set that up as well  you can also set this up for individual  events if you don’t want to mess with  the default for all events  simply click into one of your events and  then here too you can add notifications  you can have both a notification or you  can even have an email message.

 This is a quick one you  can create a new event simply by  navigating to cal dot new  as an extra bonus you can also navigate  to docs.new sheets dot new slides dot  new sites dot new and you can create new  content to your heart’s content.

 You can more quickly get  back to your calendar by adding it to  your windows taskbar  within edge click on the ellipsis in the  top right hand corner then go down to  more tools and here you have the option  to pin it to your taskbar  within google chrome. 

You can also do  this but it’s a few more steps click on  the ellipsis then go down to more tools  and then click on create shortcut  this adds a shortcut to your desktop if  that’s all you want well then you’re  done but if you want to place it on your  taskbar right click on that go down to  show more options and then you can click  on pin to taskbar and here too we have  an icon on the taskbar now you simply  click on that and that’ll open up your  google calendar.

 You can add calendars  of interest to your calendar here for  instance on my calendar you can see the  upcoming holiday st patrick’s day and it  falls on a thursday but you could add even  more than just that on the left hand  side right next to other calendars you  can  click on this plus icon and then select  browse calendars of interest  here you  can add my friends birthdays this  way you  could be a good friend and wish  them a happy birthday.

You  can add regional  holidays you  can add religious holidays or  another form of religion for some people  you could even add sports calendars  here I want to add the  so you  will navigate  through and let you  select this .

Now if you  go forward to September you  see  that the next game is coming up on a  Saturday  if you  want to turn off this overlaid view  on the left-hand side you  just have to  make sure to uncheck this box next. 

  You can receive a daily agenda email   you  don’t always check  my calendar and this way you  simply get my  calendar in my email  to set this up on the left-hand side  hover over the calendar where you would  like to activate this  then click on the ellipsis and then  click on settings  on the left-hand side click on other  notifications and here we see the option  to receive a daily agenda email click on the drop-down and make sure  that it’s set to email.  

You can  also adjust your other notification  settings by default you receive an email  every time someone responds to one of  your meetings but once you get larger  meetings that mean that there are a lot  of emails hitting your inbox instead. 

You   just check the event itself to see who’s  accepted and who’s declined so here you   can change that setting to none and that  way  spare your  inbox from some emails .

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