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Amarnath Express route will be expanded

The way to Maa Vaishno Dham will be easier. Devotees from Purvanchal and Bihar will reach Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra directly by rail. The 12587/88 Amarnath Express from Gorakhpur and Amarnath Express from Bhagalpur to Jammu Tawi via Gorakhpur will now run up to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra station. For the convenience of the devotees, the North Eastern Railway administration has prepared a proposal to run these trains up to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra.

As per the proposal of the Railways, the 20103/04 LTT-Gorakhpur-LTT Express will run up to Thawe, 13507/08 Asansol-Gorakhpur-Asansol Express up to Badhni, 11037/38 Gorakhpur-Pune-Gorakhpur Express up to Balrampur and 11081/82 LTT-Gorakhpur-LTT Express up to Balrampur. Badhni, Balrampur and Thawe stations are being expanded rapidly. The washing pit at Badhni station is also almost ready. More trains will be operated in the coming days. Along with the extension of the route, the Railways has also started preparations to increase the frequency of trains. 12597/98 Gorakhpur-Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus-Gorakhpur Express and 22921/22 Bandra-Gorakhpur-Bandra Terminus Antyodaya Express are proposed to be operated bi-weekly.

The North Eastern Railway has prepared a proposal to extend the route of 12 trains and increase the frequency of 12 trains. Instead of Gorakhpur, the movement of trains from Thawe, Badhni and Balrampur will be easier for the people of this region. The load of Gorakhpur Junction will also be reduced. Around 175 trains pass through the Gorakhpur Junction route daily, including 50 goods trains. Even after doubling and electrification, the delay of trains is not coming down.

To increase the track capacity, the process of laying the third railway line from Barabanki to Chhapra via Gorakhpur has been expedited. At present, the railway administration has completed its preparations to increase the route extension trips of the trains. A meeting of the Indian Railways Time Table Committee will be held in Jaipur from April 10 to 12 to discuss the preparations in detail among the officials of the operating department of all the zones. The movement of trains will start as soon as the approval of the extension and extension of the route is received.

The route of these trains will be expanded

  • 12587/88, 15097/15098 Amarnath Express up to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra
  • 20103/04 LTT-Gorakhpur-LTT up to Thawe
  • 13507/08 Asansol-Gorakhpur-Asansol up to Badhni
  • 11037/38 Gorakhpur-Pune-Gorakhpur X Balrampur
  • 11081/82 LTT-Gorakhpur-LTT upto Balrampur
  • 22199/00 Gwalior – Balrampur – Gwalior till Badhni
  • 05062/61 Tanakpur-Mathura-Tanakpur up to Agra Fort
  • 05345/40 Kasganj-Mathura-Kasganj up to Agra Fort
  • 19045/46 Surat-Chhapra-Surat Express up to Thawe
  • 15053/54 Lucknow-Chhapra-Lucknow upto Thawe
  • 14966/65 Jodhpur-Varanasi City-Jodhpur upto Mau
  • 12237/38 Varanasi – Jammu Tawi – Varanasi up to Ballia

Frequency of these trains will be increased

  • 12597/98 Gorakhpur-CSMT – Gorakhpur
  • 22921/22 Bandra – Gorakhpur -Bandra Terminus
  • 15078/77 Gomtinagar – Kamakhya
  • 22541/42 Banaras-Anandvihar
  • 22539/40 Mau-Anand Vihar-Mau
  • 22535/36 Banaras-Rameswaram-Banaras
  • 22976/75 Bandra – Ramnagar – Bandra
  • 12353/12354 Howrah – Lalkuan
  • 12527/28 Ramnagar-Chandigarh-Ramnagar
  • 12107/08 LTT – Sitapur – LTT
  • 15181/82 Mau- LTT – Mau.
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