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Ashton Kutcher Did A Real-Life Twist In This Funny That’s ’70s Scene.

Fans of “That 70s Show” are thrilled to see their favorited characters reunited in Netflix’s new series, “That 90s Show”, also set in Point Place. The streamer’s reboot will see most of the original sitcom’s cast return, more than 15 years after its series finale.

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The eight-season Fox sitcom, which premiered in 1998 and was set in the 1970s in midwestern cities, followed Eric Forman (Topher grace), his neighbor and eventual girlfriend Donna Pinciotti(Laura Prepon), cool dude Steven Hyde (19 Dan Masterson) and Fez (Wilmer Vaderrama), their “foreign exchange student”.

Red and Kitty, Eric’s parents (Kurtwood Smith, Debra Jo Rupp) and Laurie, his older sister (originally played Lisa Robin Kelly), were also present. All but Masterson (and Kelly who died in 2013), have returned to “That’s ’90s Show” for the pilot.

They seem just as happy as their fans. Kutcher said that it was really nostalgic to return to the set. We just went back and had a great time for a week. It was so fun and random.”

Fans of “That 70s Show” are eager to share in the fun. It’s fun to reflect on some of the great moments from the original series, including the mishap that injured Kutcher and made Kelso look a little bit like a klutz throughout.

Ashton Kutcher is not afraid to get physically on “That’s 70s Show,” and Michael Kelso, the clumsy actor, has been hurt at least once, especially after the fights he had with Hyde (“ow, my eye”) However, Kelso and Kutcher did get hurt accidentally at least once. They kept the incident in the show.

It took place in the 12th episode of the show’s first season. This 1990s network show, unlike today’s shorter, 6- to 13-episode seasons had 25 episodes. It was also its mid-point break. The series’ first Christmas episode was called “The Best Christmas Ever” and aired on December 13, 1998.

Ashton Kutcher attempted a stunt in which he had to leap over Eric Forman’s basement couch to speak to Eric’s sister Laurie. However, that was not how it turned out.

Ashton Kutcher explained that my heels hit the couch edge and that I fell off the couch. He also said that he took the table in his shins. Kelly laughs, but keeps it together, as the punch bowl spills and sloshes, and the table props scatter.

Ashton Kutcher kept his character. He said that he held it still and was like “you just can’t laugh now,” adding that he was trying not to hurt himself. The audience had a great time laughing at the blooper, so they included it in the final cut.

Ashton Kutcher seemed to be delighted by the scene. He said, “I like to make people laugh, and that helps to make peo

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