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Avesh Khan’s Cheeky Response: ‘Gloves’ Gesture After Spectacular Catch vs KKR in IPL 2024.

In a thrilling encounter between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Rajasthan Royals (RR) in IPL 2024, Avesh Khan showcased exceptional skill by taking a remarkable one-handed catch to dismiss Phil Salt. This catch not only turned the game but also led to a playful response from Avesh to Sanju Samson’s earlier warning. Following a collision with Avesh during a previous match, where Samson humorously remarked, “It’s a bit easier to catch with the gloves,” Avesh’s catch in the KKR vs RR match added a touch of cheeky humor to the situation.

During the fourth over of the match at Eden Gardens, Avesh bowled a delivery wide of off-stump, tempting Salt to go for a big shot. However, Salt mistimed the shot, resulting in a thick inside edge that flew towards Avesh’s left. With lightning reflexes, Avesh dived to his left and secured the catch with one hand, leaving everyone in awe. Elated by his exceptional effort, Avesh playfully gestured towards Samson, requesting his gloves. Samson, visibly surprised, handed over one of his gloves, which Avesh used to display the caught ball to his teammates.

This catch not only redeemed Avesh but also provided relief to Riyan Parag, who had dropped Salt on zero in the opening over. Interestingly, Salt had faced a similar situation in the previous game against Lucknow Super Giants, where he was dropped on zero and went on to play a match-winning innings. However, in this match against Rajasthan, Salt could only manage 10 runs off 13 deliveries before being dismissed.

Avesh Khan’s spectacular catch, coupled with his playful response to Samson’s warning, added a touch of humor and excitement to the IPL 2024 clash between KKR and RR. This incident not only showcased Avesh’s exceptional fielding skills but also highlighted the camaraderie and sportsmanship in the game of cricket.

A Catch (and a Jab!)

The drama unfolded in the fourth over. KKR opener Phil Salt attempted a big shot off Khan’s bowling, but only managed a thick inside edge. What followed was a sensational one-handed diving catch by a leaping Avesh Khan, leaving everyone in awe.

A Cheeky Callback

But the celebration is what stole the show. Khan, clearly pumped after the stunner, did something unexpected. He pointed towards Samson and playfully demanded his gloves! This was a cheeky response to a comment Samson had made after their previous match.

Flashback: The Glove Warning

Following a tricky chase against Punjab Kings, where a miscommunication led to a dropped catch (involving Khan and Samson), the Rajasthan captain had jokingly said, “It’s a bit easier to catch with the gloves,” seemingly aimed at Khan.

The Gloves Come Full Circle

So, when Khan took that blinder of a catch, he couldn’t resist a playful jab at his captain. Samson, clearly amused, sported a big smile and handed Khan one of his gloves. Khan then placed the caught ball inside the glove and displayed it towards the RR dugout, sending the team into a fit of laughter.

More Than Just a Catch

This exchange, beyond its lightheartedness, highlighted the camaraderie within the Royals camp. It also showcased Avesh Khan’s brilliant reflexes and his ability to bounce back from a previous dropped catch.

Salt Not So Lucky This Time

The dismissal was particularly crucial for RR as it came after a dropped catch by Riyan Parag in the very first over. Salt, who had been dropped on 0 in their previous match against LSG as well, only managed 10 runs this time around.

A Match of Moments

This playful exchange between Khan and Samson was just one of the many exciting moments in the KKR vs RR clash. Stay tuned for further updates on the match!

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