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Bhagya Lakshmi 27th December 2022 Written Full Episode

Bhagya Lakshmi 27th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Trendworldnews.com

Bhagya Lakshmi Serial: Ayush apologizes to Shalu at the beginning of the Episode. Shalu asks Shalu why she is sorry and she says that she understands. She promises that we will leave. Ayush spots Balwinder there, and tells Shalu. They cover their faces. Ayush asks Shalu whether Balwinder could be linked to Rishi-Lakshmi’s divorce. Shalu suggests that it might be. Ayush believes that someone will meet him. Balwinder wonders why Malishka called him here.

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Rishi comes home. Karishma asks if Lakshmi didn’t come. Rishi said that you all wanted her to leave and she didn’t return. Karishma claims that Lakshmi’s name is thorn has been removed from our path for ever. Rano arrives there. Neelam wants to know if you have work. Rano replies that Rano must come. Karishma states that anyone can come without permission or invitation. Rano said I came as long as you did not give me alimony

Karishma said you came to ask money. Rano says yes. Karishma claims that Lakshmi rejected it. Rano claims Lakshmi wanted the item now. Neelam states that it was decided not to be taken. Rano requests Rano to pay the alimony. 

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Karishma, Neelam and Neelam disagree with her. Rano requests them to stop destroying another’s house with their mouths. Rano is pushed aside by Karishma. Rano claims she will humiliate Rano so much she will repent. Neelam is furious. Rano claims she will get the money. Neelam claims that an inauspicious girl won’t get any money from us.

Balwinder awaits Malishka. Malishka arrives and sees Ayush & Shalu. Balwinder is waiting for her, and she looks at Malishka. She then goes outside. Ayush and Shalu didn’t see her. Malishka wonders what they are doing if they were following Balwinder. She believes that if they had seen me, all my dreams would have been crushed.

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Bhagya Laxmi Today Full Episode

 Balwinder is called by her and she tells him that Ayush, Shalu and Shalu are behind him. She begs him to not turn around and go. He is asked to sit in her car and she will take care of the rest. Balwinder promises that he will go there. Shalu promises that they will follow him. They both get up and collide with the waiter, saying sorry. Balwinder escapes.

Devika provides medicines for Dadi. Dadi claims that my life is over now. How will I survive without Lakshmi? She suggests that Lakshmi may be missing some people too, and she asks Devika to call her. Devika calls Lakshmi to ask how she is doing. 

Lakshmi assures Devika that she is fine. Devika calls Dadi. Lakshmi and Dadi ask each another if they are okay. Lakshmi questions Dadi about her medicine. Dadi asks did you talk to Rishi? Lakshmi said he came to take me, but I declined. 

Dadi says you did right. Lakshmi tells you to take care yourself. Devika will take care and get you the medicine you need. Dadi tells her it’s good that she didn’t arrive and promises she will return home with all the respect, honor and dignity. She asks her to take good care. Lakshmi requests her to take a rest.

Balwinder emerges and takes a seat in Malishka’s car. Malishka questions if anyone was following you. Balwinder says no. Balwinder says no. She asks him to lower his legs and then tells him that it’s my car. Balwinder asks why you bought such a large car when you can’t comfortably sit in it. Malishka tells him that there’s good news. 

He asks her not to jump, and she tells him that Rishi is now living in her Chachi’s home. Balwinder leaps and says that Sonal would have met her at her house. Malishka asks him if he will marry Lakshmi as soon as possible so they don’t get back together. Balwinder promises to marry Lakshmi, and he will markesh dosh. 

He claims that Lakshmi Balwinder Sood will marry Lakshmi and Rishi will be Malishka. Malishka said that you spoke something positive for the first time.

Kiran questions Sonal about whether Lakshmi or Rishi divorced in real life. Sonal claims they told each other in court and that they weren’t meant for each other. She claims Rishi was a perfect match for Malishka and asks Neelam to discuss Rishi’s and Malishka’s marriage. She said that if they had married, you would be Nani now. 

She says, “Let’s sort this out. It is your dream and Malishka’s dream.” Balwinder believes his life will be extended to 20-25 years after hearing about Rishi and Lakshmi getting divorced. He believes God has granted him everything. He wants to drink wine. 

Shalu asks Lakshmi if he would like to sit down and have some food. Neha wants to know what they did. Bani reveals the menu. Rano is furious and demands to know why you made so many dishes for her. She isn’t the princess and she is forcing me to spend the money. Lakshmi looks on.

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