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Bigg Boss 16 October 31 HIGHLIGHTS: Archana accuses Priyanka of being unsanitary, and the two engage in a verbal brawl.

Bigg Boss 16 airs on October 31. HIGHLIGHTS: In today’s episode, Archana called Priyanka unsanitary, and the two had a verbal spat. Later, Shekhar Suman roasted all of the contestants in an unusual manner.

Bigg Boss 16 October 31 HIGHLIGHTS: In today’s episode, an ugly spat between Archana and Priyanka was witnessed. Archana called Priyanka unhygienic and this pinched Priyanka. Both were seen getting into an ugly war of words. later in the show, Shekhar Suman played a very interesting cricket-themed game where he asked Shiv who is the deserving captain and the wicketkeeper of the house.

 Shiv named Nimrit as the deserving captain and  Archana to be the wicketkeeper as she plays as per the game. Shiv also named Shalin to be the most unfair player. While on the other hand Abdu was seen flirting with all the girls in the house and sharing his phone number with them.

Abdu flirts with girls in the house

Abdu is seen flirting with all the girls in the house, He gives his number to Tina, Priyanka, and Nimrit. His cute gesture wins all hearts.

Priyanka and Archana get into a heated argument

After Shekhar Suman fueled the fire between Priyanka and Archana, both of them get into a heated argument. Archna’s comment on Priyanka being unhygienic seems to have an adverse effect on their relation.

Archana calls Priyanka unhygienic

Archana calls Priyanka unhygienic and this leads to a heated argument between them. While Priyanka claims to be the most hygienic person in the house and other contestants make fun of Priyanka for calling herself most hygienic person in the house.

Gautam tries to apologies

After all the contestants were upset over Gautam’s captaincy decision, he tries to convince the contestants and apologizes for his behaviour.

Shekhar Suman plays an interesting game with the contestants

Shekhar Suman plays an interesting game with the contestants and creates Cricket fever in the house. He plays a Cricket themed game and asks questions like, who should be the captain, and who should be the fielder. Contestants seem to enjoy the show and take the game in a good humour.

Shekar Suman enters with Bigg Bulletin

Shekar Suman enters with Bigg Bulletin and roasts all the contestants including Shalin, Priyanka, Ankit and Sumbul.

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