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Bigg Boss 16 Full Episode for November 8th, 2022

Day 37
8:30 PM
Does Bigg Boss say bet for 500 rupees? Sajid says it’s Gautam. Bigg Boss says it’s Nimrit. Sajid says I lost 500. He says Stan and Abdu. Bigg Boss says Nimrit you’ve Stan and Sumbul’s grocery. Nimrit says I will deliver Sumbul’s groceries. I am in the same room so I will also get it. Tina says to Shalin she chose Gautam over you. You always defend her. Priyanka says to Sumbul do you like him? When did you feel he was right? Priyanka says he is always fake. He uses bad words for everyone. Tina is a smart girl.

Sajid says Bigg Boss I am doubling the bet amount. It’s 1k now. Gautam is the next delivery boy. Bigg Boss says you lost again. You are the next delivery guy. He laughs. Sajid speaks to the delivery boys. Bigg Boss says you have Ankit and Shalin’s boxes. Now you decide. Sajid says it’s Ankit’s birthday but Shalin gave me a t-shirt. Shalin says thank you. Sajid says Gautam. Bigg Boss says you’ve lost a lot already. Let it be. He says now Sajid’s angelic task will be repeated by who Priyanka? Priyanka laughs. She says to Ankit. Bigg Boss says yes. Ankit asks the delivery boys who won the world cup. They don’t answer. Ankit says karma remember. I won’t talk to you either when I come out. Bigg Boss says yes you’re not talking to the audience either. They might do karma too. Ankit laughs. Bigg Boss says you have Abud and Gautam’s boxes. Abdu says bro I am not having anything in my room. Ankit gives it to Abdu. Shiv says this is real karma.

Sajid says I have lost all the money but again this will be Abdu. He will have Soundarya and Nimrit’s boxes. Bigg Boss says again wrong. It’s Archana. Archana says you have Nimrit and Soundarya’s boxes. She delivers it to Soundarya and says Nimrit keeps fighting with me. And her room already has groceries. It was so simple. Soundarya thanked her.

9:30 PM
Bigg Boss says the next delivery executive is Priyanka. She gets one last box. It has a cake. Priyanka says thank you. She says to Ankit happy birthday. She says that you are Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss says Sajid you guessed right last time but didn’t tell the money. Ankit cuts the cake. Everyone wishes him.

Sajid asks where is Sumbul. Sumbul says to Shalin it wasn’t your problem. Stay out of it. I have to cook. Tina comes. She says I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to be bossy. Sumbul says stop taunting me. She leaves in anger. Sajid says to Stan Gori insulting me in front of everyone. Stan says you can answer her back. Sajid says Soundarya also has an attitude. She says to answer them back that way. Gori can’t be loyal to us after one month. Sajid says she’s still not a leader. Now she’s following them. Sumbul says it wasn’t about you. Does Shalin say what’s your problem with Tina? Sumbul says is your name tina? I mind a thing and I answered it. Why do you fight? He says I am being the reason. She says you’re not. I am not involved. Shalin says how can you take her grocery? I was seeing it individually. Sajid was also there for me every time.

10:45 PM
Archana says he was your boyfriend. You should have made the cake last night. Priyanka says every day is special for me. Ankit says Bigg Boss sent the cake on her behalf. Priyanka says Ankit celebrated with them. Ankit says to go and ask them. She says I am happy at least they made you special. I am happy for them. Archana says you should have done what they did. Priyanka says don’t be my mom. Don’t tell me what to do.

Tina says to Nimrit I am observing certain things. I told Shalin he was never there for me. His friendship is costing me a lot. I don’t want anything in my name. Nimrit says then draw a line. She says I am saying stay away from me. He wants Sumbul and my loyalty both. It can’t happen that way. I can’t trust Sumbul. Nimrit says but this confusion is happening for a month. If shit happens next time I will slap you. Tina says you should. But I hope that time won’t come.

Gori says I won’t sleep in that room. Everyone is fake there. Stan says you can come there. Stan takes his blanket from Sajid’s room. Gori says I won’t go there.

Day 38
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem. Shiv says Archana must be one of those girls who say all guys in college are after me. They would never even talk to her. Archana laughs.

1 PM
Abdu and Sajid do the long son-short-son show. Their guest is Shalin. Sajid says one side movie with Tine and 20 kg chicken on one side. He says 20 kg chicken. Does Abdu ask who’s prettier, Nimrit or Tina? He says pretty also has to do with the heart, so Nimrit. Everyone hoots. Tina looks at him. Does Abdu say that if no washing powder, how many days would you go without washing underwear? He says I will roam without underwear.

Gori doesn’t give groceries from the room. Shiv says groceries are everyone’s. She says, “Then you question me. Shiv says food is made for everyone. Gori says I won’t eat then okay. Shiv says don’t show us attitude. Gori says I can live however I want. Don’t try to be my dad. Does he say who would want a daughter like you?

Gori says to Archana Shiv is mad because I am not giving groceries for cooking. Sajid says she was stealing and then she is mad now.

3:15 PM
Abdu is called into the contestant’s room. Bigg Boss says most people were happy when you became the captain. You were the first one. Abdu says thank you. Bigg Boss says the captain has to make some decisions. I want to know who are your four favorite contestants. He says Sajid, he helps me with everything. Shiv and Stan. They have a good heart. Nimrit too. Bigg Boss says do you want to save them from nomination today using your powers? He says yes I want to save them. Bigg Boss announces nominations are announced. Abdu used his captain powers and saved 4 people. They are Nimrit and Sajid. Shiv and Stan. Nirmti dances around happily. Sajid hugs and thanks him. Bigg Boss says the rest of the people who are not Abdu’s favorite is in danger. Gori says Archana is happy he didn’t have the right to nominate but save. He would have nominated you.

Bigg Boss starts the task. He says this nomination has one criterion only. You had to entertain people. Abdu’s non-favorites will take part in the task. I will call three non-favorites on the balcony. And two favorites in the flower shop. When dong rings, the balcony people will talk against each other. They will try to ask other contestants to get flowers from them from the flower shop. A person with the least number of flowers on the balcony will be nominated. The first three non-fav contestants are Gori, Archana, and Shalin. Nimrit and Shalin will be flower shop owners.

5:30 PM
Gori says Archana keeps fighting. Shalin is very fake. He’s also not very active these days. Archana says I am the queen of this show. If I go entertainment would go. I am important. Everyone laughs. Shalin says I am more humane than them. Gori doesn’t even have a loyal team. I am with certain people. There was a time Shiv didn’t like me. Shiv says I still don’t. Tina asks for flowers for Shalin. Priyanka asks for Archana. Sumbul gives it to Archana. Priyanka says Archana says rubbish but at least she participates. Soundarya asks for Archana. Gautam says other than she thinks I had a crush on her, she involves a lot. Sumbul asks for flowers for Shalin. Buzzer blares. Archana says I saw Priyanka’s loyalty. Gori has only 3 flowers while Shalin has 16. Archana has 11. Gori gets nominated. Archana hugs her. Soundarya hugs Gori. Bigg Boss says Soundarya why did you give it to Archana or not? He says time will tell if there will be a place for a diplomatic person like you.

6 PM
Archana says to Shalin, Gautam gave you flowers. Who does he act for? No one gets him. Shalin says why do you want me to go? She says so you can go home and eat chicken. Gori says to Stan what am I doing here. He says to do what you feel is right. Tina, Sumbul, and Gautam are on the balcony. Stan and Abdu are shop owners. Gautam says I have not seen Tina play from the front. She couldn’t be the captain. SUmbul doesn’t get involved in the tasks. Tina says Gautam is the most unfair person in eh house. He let our 25 lacs go too. He only cares about Soundarya. Sumbul wants to leave herself too. The person who doesn’t want to be here, we lost money because of her. Sumbul says Tina hasn’t been involved in tasks herself. And Gautam is very unfair. Priyanka gets for Gautam. Abdu gives. Archana says to Stan give me too. He says don’t talk to me. Archana says how have you hired Bigg Boss. Shiv says they hired you after. Priyanka says it was his choice Archana. Bigg Boss asks who got flowers. Gautam has 7, Tina has 8, and Sumbul has one only. She gets nominated.

Abdu says no one took your name. I gave Shalin one for you. He came very late too. Understand the game. Sumbul is teary. Archana says to Gautam see he acts like a kid. He’s a 20-year-old. He didn’t even give one to you Gautam. Shiv says she wanted flowers, she is crying. Sumbul goes to the washroom in anger. She throws her mic. Sounadrya says to Gautam you saved Shalin? He called me names. He says it was a contestant who was taking part in things. Soundaarya says I don’t want to discuss all this. Ii doesn’t care if he gives me one or not. At least I am honest. I am upfront about it. I don’t please people like you.

Abdu says look who is talking. She’s like my shoes. My socks are better than hers. Shiv laughs. Archana says talk to your socks them.

6:45 PM
Shalin says to Sumbul you always talk about leaving. She says I don’t tell my friends things soo they keep talking about it. She says I didn’t come to you. Shalin says you threw the rose in the bin. Sumbul says I stood by you everywhere. He says you want to go. She says I was low. At least I expected something from you. He says I made a mistake that I came between you two. She says I don’t care about you. He says I don’t want you to care about me. I became friends with you genuinely. She says I saw it very well today. Everyone can see your priority. He says Tina and I fight every day because o you. You took my jacket and lied to her so we fight. Does Sumbul say are you an idiot? I don’t want your friendship. I am done. Go to Tina, I don’t need you. He says did you lie or not? She says I didn’t. I told her I took your jacket. He says we fought over it for so long. I stood by you even though people asked me to open my eyes. Tina picked food for me and you threw that food. Sumbul says I was seeing Tina as an individual. I don’t trust you at all after yesterday. She says Id didn’t have Shalin’s box. Why are you fighting for her? He says haven’t I fought for you he says thank you. He says I fight for my people. Sumbul says I saw it yesterday. He says I made you stand here. I wanted you here on your own feet. Otherwise, you would have been out. SUmbul says don’t tell me your favors. He says I know how to stand for people who I care about. Sumbul says the way you spoke to me you think it’s care? He says that’s how I speak. People can’t see my heart. She says I collected all the flowers for you and you gave them all to Tina. He says I didn’t have a choice. She says yes you always choose Tina. He says it was all going to Tina. You had to be nominated even if I did 100%. Don’t trust your fans? She says I don’t have any friends here. He says okay be it. She says I won’t talk to you. Shalin says if you can’t see who’s standing with you, you can’t value it. No one is your friend here. God bless you. She says is this the same person who gave me one flower only when Abdu asked you to? I gave you 5 flowers. Interesting. He says you had to be nominated anyway. She says you know what did I mind? I only cared about your friendship. If you cared you would have given to me. Leave it. She cries. Shalin says listen. Sumbul leaves. She cries.

Tina says I don’t want my name dragged into it. I don’t love him. It’s zero from my inside. I don’t want my name to be associated with someone like this. It will be tainted with my name forever. Stan says now you know Abdu, you’re gone. Your name is associated. Abdu laughs. Abdu says we are also friends. Tina says we are bros. Shalin says are we friends now? Sumbul says no. Shalin says done, God bless. He leaves. Sumbul cries.

7 PM
The next round starts. Ankit, Priyanka, and Sundarya go on the balcony. Abdu and Sajid are shop owners. Soundarya says Ankit doesn’t get involved and Priyanka only involves when others are fighting. Priyanka says I participate a lot better than Soundarya and Ankit doesn’t take a stand for me. Ankit says Priyanka fights where things can be solved with conversations. Soundarya keeps changing her friends. At least, I am better than her in terms of loyalty. Gautam takes for Soundarya. Archana gets for Priyanka. Shalin gives to Soundarya. Tina gives it to Priyanka. The stop closes. Gautam says Shalin stole a flower. Shalin says I asked Abdu and he asked me to pick. Gautam says to swear on your parents. Shalin says why should I. Gautam says see I am lying. Priyanka says he gave me this one, take it back. Shalin takes it back. Gautam says see you theif. Shalin says you need footage on everything. Priyanka says I’ve returned it.

Soundarya gets 8. Priyanka says 5, and Ankit says 8. Archana says prick cut it. Priyanka says you better shut your mouth now. You will see me now. Bigg Boss says in this round the in-mates thought Ankit participated more than Priyanka and so did Soundarya. So Priyanka is nominated. The three nominated contestants are Gori, Sumbul, and Priyanka.

7:15 PM
Gori says they were not giving it. Archana says Abdu wasn’t giving me at all. Sajid said I gave you two a favor. Priyanka is so mad. According to her, she’s mad. Priyanka says see how not loyal you are. Everyone can see what kind of traitor are you. Archana says I am not nominated, and you are. Shalin says I gave Soundarya two because she gave me one. Tina says you also gave it to Gautam. Stan says you asked for Gautam. Tina says I gave first to Tina. Stan says you said Gautam. Tina says you gave it to everyone. Priyanka says I am not scared of nominations. Priyanka says I am a strong contestant. Everyone can see how scared you are. Tina says Priyanka gave it to Tina to get it back. Shalin says to Tina you keep questioning me in everything. At least they’re loyal to each other. Does Tina say Soundarya is better than me who ruined your character it? Tian says you just said she’s better than me. Shalin says yes I did. Tina says everyone is right, you’re fake. He says don’t make a drama in front of me. Don’t do this acting. I am a better actor than you. You’re so cheap. She leaves in anger. He says everyone can see how you act. Sajid says to Sumbul no one is your friend here. Don’t trust anyone.

Tina says what an idiot he is. Now Soundaarya is her favorite. No wonder no one likes him outside. He isn’t loyal to Sumbul, nor me. He wants to please everyone. Shalin says she’s playing with me. Nimrit says you both think you’re playing with each other and that needs to end. Tina says to Abdu I’ve always been loyal to him and supported him. Where was Soundarya? He told me Soundarya is better than me? Stan says you took Gautam’s name. She says I only came for Tina first.

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