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Does your Malwarebytes software suddenly block Google?

Are you getting many alerts from your Malwarebytes application? Do Google-owned services and websites now not functioning and perhaps including Google’s browser Google Chrome? This isn’t just a matter of you.

Many users of Malwarebytes are suffering from these issues and at present, there’s just one solution – disable the program completely. It’s a matter of where is the issue? Is Google really compromised or is Malwarebytes simply damaged right now?

Malwarebytes is an incredibly well-known application that assists users in protecting themselves from viruses and malware. It provides real-time protection in addition to the ability to detect malware. When any file is discovered by the program to have malware, then they will be quarantined. Usually, this program functions well, however, today there is no way to test it.

Many Malwarebytes users have turned to Twitter, Reddit, and the official Malwarebytes forums, all of which are reporting the same problem that all Google products are blocked due to malware. When you visit websites like Google’s Google searches engine Gmail, Google Docs or Sheets and even YouTube will result in a plethora of messages appearing from Malwarebytes with the message that states that the website has been blocked because of malware.

It doesn’t stop there however. Certain users, including myself are experiencing blue screens when they try to open Google Chrome. Other browsers function perfectly, but they cannot start loading Google websites, and the issue appears to affect only Google products.

It’s important to note that Google services are working fine on devices that do not running Malwarebytes. In addition, they return to working when you turn off the software as well. Therefore, it’s almost certain that the issue lies in Malwarebytes. Prior to the update the majority of users did not have this issue, and it may have been a problem with the patch which is now in circulation.

How to fix the problem


Malwarebytes has revealed that it’s aware of the issue and is “actively trying to find a solution.” However there’s no announcement on when the fix is expected to be released in the meantime, so until it is it’s likely that many users will be disappointed.

If you’re looking to fix this problem, then the sole solution right now (also suggested by the Malwarebytes) is to disable protection for websites. In order to do that, start Malwarebytes. Then at the top right of the application, switch off Real Time Protection. Didn’t work? Quit Malwarebytes entirely. If this doesn’t work you, you might need to restart your computer or your router following the deactivation of Malwarebytes.

It’s obvious that this isn’t an ideal situation. You will be left without the most important defenses for your computer when Malwarebytes is your regular preferred. Be extra cautious in this period and don’t browse websites that may be suspect. Take a look at our guide to the top antivirus programs to ensure that you’re secure while you wait.

We hope that Malwarebytes will issue an update in the near future and the problem will be solved. Keep your eyes on the Malwarebytes Twitter page in case you’d like to download the patch when you can.

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