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Watch: Draymond Green’s shocking punch on Jordan Poole Leaked Draymond Green sucker punched Jordan Poole.

When Draymond Green struck Jordan Poole, many people within the NBA believed that it was due to “things like this occur within the NBA.” In the end, TMZ shockingly obtained footage of the punch and the punch is more serious than what it was portrayed as.

The video is being evident that Draymond Green was a complete sucker and punched Jordan Poole. When the two were discussing rubbish, Draymond got into Poole’s face and Poole was able to push him away.

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The fight wasn’t anything unusual as it happens during NBA games almost every day. But, without even squaring against each other, Draymond just abruptly punched Poole in the face , and the two were instantly connected.

Today, Warriors GM Bob Myers stated that Draymond Green is unlikely to have to miss any games due to the incident, and added that “things like this can happen.

After watching the video it’s going be difficult to let Draymond Green miss any games following a attack like this. The fact that he’s apologized indicates it’s clear that the Warriors are heading towards the correct direction, however it’ll be fascinating to observe the way Jordan Poole responds to this going forward.

The Warriors are in a difficult situation at the end of the season, when it comes to Draymond Greens contract. He’s likely to seek an agreement that is hard to keep, considering his age and his skill set.

Yet, Steph Curry mentioned that both he and Draymond are a package deal. The future is an exciting one with Golden State Warriors. Golden State Warriors.

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