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Fact Check: Is Rihanna Pregnant Again? The viral picture was dismissed as the earliest rocky memes.

A picture of singer Rihanna is going viral on the internet, leading people to believe that the singer is expecting her third child. However, it turns out that it was just a case of misinformation.
Her baby bump was visible in the viral picture of the singer, which led to social media users sharing ASAP Rocky memes and saying that she has got a chance and has thought she won’t let it miss.

The post going viral on X shared a picture of the stay singer and the caption reads,

However, readers added context to the post, mentioning that this viral picture is from May 2023. There is no official confirmation that the Fenty Beauty founder is expecting a third child.

Rihanna is not expecting her third child and the rumors are false
Significantly, the singer is not pregnant and the news that is going on on the Internet is fake. According to HITC, it all started when a fake video of the singer was circulated with the claim that she was expecting a second child.

The deepfake video has everything that makes people think that the work singer and her rapper boyfriend are expecting another child. The text on the screen says directly, “Rihanna said she’s pregnant again,” reads on the singer’s family photo.

After that, there is a part where the Umbrella singer can be seen in the video, but someone has added a voiceover to make it look like she is confirming the fabricated story about having a third child.

In the second part of the video, a different voice, possibly created by AI, asks the singer, “How many children do you want?” I’m pregnant again. “

The picture that is going viral is also from May 2023, when she was expecting her second child. Apart from this, no reliable source has confirmed that she is pregnant again.

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