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Like cinema hall, you will get your favorite seat in train also

On the lines of airplane and cinema hall tickets, the railways is now preparing to implement the system of giving the passengers the desired seat in the trains. A new software is almost ready. According to officials of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), once the system is implemented, passengers across the country will get a list of vacant berths sitting at home. Passengers will also get the right to choose upper or lower window seats in the new system. Under the arrangement, passengers will also know how many seats are vacant in the train on the date of journey and what is their place.

How to book a seat: Officials of the Raipur railway division said that the diagram of the coach from AC to Sleepo class will be available on the mobile screen of the passengers as soon as they search by entering the name of the train and the date of travel through the new app. By looking at the diagram, passengers will be able to easily book the seat of their choice. The berths or seats that have already been reserved will be marked. There will be no mark on the empty berth or seat.

Still silent on ticket prices: Preparations are being made to implement the system of giving the option of choosing the preferred seats, but the railway officials are silent on the prices of tickets.

Work is being done to solve ‘tailgating’ at airports

All stakeholders including Digi Yatra Foundation are working to address the problem of tailgating being done through Digi Yatra gates at airports. When more than one person tries to pass through the gate using one person’s credentials, it is called tailgating. Facial recognition technology is used in Digi Yatra. DigiYatra facilitates seamless entry through e-gates at airports. The official said that during the regular review of various security aspects, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security had pointed out the problem of tailgating at the Digi Yatra gates. Discussions are underway to resolve the issue. At present, Digi Yatra is available at 14 airports. The facility will be rolled out at 14 more airports by the end of April.

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