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Google Chrome browser incognito mode allows users to “unlock” hidden tabs with their fingerprint. 2023

Google Chrome users on Android will be capable of “unlock” hidden tabs with their fingerprints after reopening their browser.

Google Chrome’s incognito mode has been made to be more private on Android. New features are being released to users of Android phones which will automatically lock incognito tabs in Google Chrome when you exit the browser. The users will have the ability unlock these tabs with biometric authentication by using the fingerprint scanner that is installed on their phone. The feature is currently being made available all Android users, but only a few users will get accessibility to the feature. This biometric security feature on Incognito Tab was first introduced on iOS devices in 2021, and is now being rolled out into Android users.

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The introduction of Google Chrome feature was announced by Google in an announcement on its blog, and the company states that Android users will require biometric authentication in order to open the Incognito session after closing it and opening the application. This means that nobody other than the user of the device will be able to access the Incognito session. As per the firm the feature is currently rolling out to Chrome users running Android. Be aware that this feature isn’t accessible by default. Users need to enable the feature within the settings menu of Chrome.

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To activate this new option for privacy users need to go to the Settings menu in Google Chrome where they can click on Privacy and Security. Then, they can activate this feature. Lock Incognito tab after they quit Chrome. Once this is done it will be activated and users have to “unlock” their incognito tabs with the help of the phone’s fingerprint scanner. Users must also verify their device’s PIN or pattern in order to enable or deactivate the feature. Google has introduced its fingerprint lock function on Incognito tabs in iOS devices in 2021.

Additionally, Google has shared five methods to ensure a safe browsing experience in advance of Data Privacy Day, which is observed on the 28th of January. It is possible to clear the history of your browser, which includes cookies, history and cache in specific intervals or all simultaneously. The password manager in Google Chrome allows users on Android, iOS and desktop can remember and automatically add passwords to their devices.

Google Chrome is also working on a brand new menu, which will include an updated toggle that will block all unwanted extensions in one go. It will block extensions as well as block potentially harmful extensions. Microsoft Edge, too, comes with similar “pause extension on this site” feature. This feature is in the process of being developed and is available inside the Chrome canary. But, it’s not working currently, and just toggles on and off , and does not show any extensions installed According to the report.

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