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The issue of Gorkhaland-Greater Cooch Behar is secondary

Traces of the disaster that occurred a few days ago in the Teesta river still remain. Along with the construction of roads leading to the mountain, the work of connecting Sikkim with the rail line is going on at a rapid pace. The mouths of the tunnel are now visible, through which the train will pass in two years. Along with the election flags and posters, posters of the Election Commission of India appealing for votes are also hung on the mountain. Banners are hung in Nepali from the field to the mountain. After Subhash Ghising, the three big faces of the Gorkhaland movement – Vinay Tamang, Anit Thapa and Bimal Gurung – are not in the fray. There are three ways. If there is anything that is missing in this election, it is the issue of Gorkhaland, Greater Coochbehar or Kamatapur state.

It is a different matter that a BJP MLA, Vishnu Prasad Sharma alias B P Bajgai, has filed his nomination against his own party candidate Raju Bisht from the Darjeeling Lok Sabha constituency and raised the voice of a separate state. In general, the issue of Gorkhaland, Kamtapur State and Greater Coochbehar in North Bengal is secondary in the elections after three and a half decades. From voters to leaders, there is silence on this issue.

The movement once led by Subhash Ghisingh has now receded into the background, both at the political and strategic level. The last time such a 104-day turbulent movement took place in 2017, only chaos, violence and mayhem were achieved, now the local people are also silent considering this issue as secondary. Bimal Gurung had formed the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha after breaking away from his leader Subhash Ghising.

At that time, leaders like Vinay Tamang and Anit Thapa were with Bimal Gurung. Anit Thapa has separated his political stream by forming the Indian, Gorkha Democratic Front. Thapa won the election to the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration by supporting the Trinamool and securing the support of Mamata Banerjee. Vinay Tamang, who separated from Bimal Gurung, became the state level leader of the Congress. Binay Tamang and Anit Thapa, who were strongly separated from Bimal Gurung Subhash Ghisingh and had created a big movement of 2017, both left him. There was a perception about Vinay’s separation that Mamata’s influence led to a split in the organisation.

In 2017, Tamang was made the chairman of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA). The government has taken strict action against Bimal Gurung. He was surrounded by lawsuits and remained underground. Bimal, who is currently sweating it out for the BJP, returned to his turf ahead of the 2021 assembly elections after being underground for three years. In the 2021 assembly elections, Mamata assessed their potential, but later Mamata gave more importance to Anit Thapa than Bimal. With Anit Thapa winning the GTA elections and Bimal not being effective in the civic polls, they did not make inroads into the Trinamool. He is currently with the BJP. They are seeking support of BJP candidate Raju Bisht. Anit Thapa is pitted against Trinamool’s Gopal Lama.

Peace is necessary for the progress of the country: Bimal

“This was an issue in the last election. Repeatedly, nothing happened. I have faith in BJP leaders. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has indicated that there will be a proper development of this region. Bimal adds that his aim is the prosperity and development of the people of his caste. When asked that the three leaders who led the longest movement parted ways and the leadership disintegrated, it is difficult to form a movement now. Bimal blames Anit Thapa and Vinay Tamang. It is said that after the movement, the houses of five thousand youths began to be destroyed.

The youth of his caste were in distress due to lawsuits and other reasons. The Mamata government has cracked down. “We found a way to talk to Mamata after seeing the future of these youths. Hopefully, the central government will find a way out and there will be no need for a fresh agitation again. Bimal believes that peace here is very important for the progress of the country and national security.

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