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Hanuman Box Office Collections: Second Weekend Grossing Higher Than First, Headed for 200Cr Plus in India.

Hanuman Box Office Collections: Second Weekend Grossing Higher Than First, Headed for 200Cr Plus in India

The Indian box office is witnessing a sensational second weekend for the film Hanuman, with collections higher than those of its first weekend. The second Friday and Saturday have grossed Rs. 28.50 crore, around 35% higher than the previous week’s Rs. 21 crore. The total box office collection of the film in India stands at Rs. 130 crore.

The second weekend of Hanuman is expected to reach around Rs. 50 crore, and with a partial holiday on Monday for the Ram Mandir opening, the film could see another big day. The full run is expected to easily surpass the Rs. 200 crore mark in India, with a high-end estimate of Rs. 225-250 crore.

Despite the end of the holiday period, the growth in collections is due to improved showcasing in Telugu states, where the film had limited showcasing during the first week due to the clash with bigger films like Guntur Kaaram. Hanuman had the best reception among the Sankranti releases and now has the highest showcasing among them. The bigger jumps are in Nizam, which was hit worst by showcasing.

The film has grossed Rs. 78 crore in Telugu states, with a huge Rs. 17.25 crore of that on the second Friday and Saturday. The second weekend numbers are amongst the highest ever of all time, close to legendary Baahubali 2. The full run in Telugu states is expected to comfortably go over Rs. 125 crore, and on the high end, it could go over Rs. 150 crore, entering the top ten highest-grosser list in the region.

The film is also performing well in neighboring Karnataka, where the second weekend is collecting more than the first. The collections in the state are Rs. 14 crore so far and can reach Rs. 25 crore in the full run. The Hindi dubbed version has seen an excellent response given the non-face value. Tamil Nadu and Kerala are collecting at low but increasing levels.

The territorial breakdown for the box office collection of Hanuman at the Indian box office is as follows: Nizam: Rs. 35.25 crore (Rs. 19.25 crore share), Ceeded: Rs. 9.75 crore (Rs. 7 crore share), Andhra: Rs. 33 crore (Rs. 20.25 crore share), AP/TS: Rs. 78 crore (Rs. 46.50 crore share), Karnataka: Rs. 14.25 crore (Rs. 6.25 crore share), North India: Rs. 34.75 crore (Rs. 14 crore share), Tamil Nadu/Kerala: Rs. 3 crore (Rs. 1.25 crore share), India: Rs. 130 crore (Rs. 68 crore share).

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