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Imlie 18th December 2022 Full Episode Download

Imlie 18th December 2022 Full Episode Download Atharva gets Chini’s call and asks her why didn’t she come to meet him in jail or at home, if she is angry for some reason. Chini says she is tired now seeing his growing proximity towards Imlie, so he can be happy with Imlie. Atharva says Imlie is just his good friend. Imlie nervously walks towards Atharva’s room thinking how to ask Atharva if he also loves her.

Imlie 18th December 2022 Full Episode DownloadChini tells Atharva that she has seen them as a couple and not as friends. Atharva says he loves only Chini. Imlie hears that and feels happy thinking he is addressing her, but then stands heartbroken seeing him speaking over phone. She returns back and thinks if Atharva loves someone else, maybe its her misunderstanding and Atharva must be addressing himself.

Imlie 18th December 2022 Full Episode Download She returns to Atharva’s room and hears him saying Imlie is a good girl, but he doesn’t love her and he needs time to inform Imlie. Atharva senses someone and turns, but finds no one. He tells Chini that he thought Imlie was here and should inform her before she herself finds out.

Imlie 18th December 2022 Full Episode Download Imlie walks on street senselessly recalling her and Atharva’s marriage and their romantic moments. Bahe Naina Bhare Morey Naina…song.. plays int he background. Abhishek stops his car just before crashing it on Imlie and scolds her, but then seeing her condition requests her to move aside, makes her sit on on a bench, and offers her water. Imile thanks him.

Imlie 18th December 2022 Full Episode Download Chini gets ready to meet Abhishek. Arpita and Rupali walk into Chini’s room and hopes Chini accepts a caring life partner like Abhishek. Chini says Abhishek is both caring and rich and hence she accepts him. Arpita gets happy hearing that. Rupali says Chini likes Abhishek’s bank balance and not his love and care, she fears they are ruining Abhishek’s life. Arpita says Chini will change in Abhishek’s company. Rupali hopes so.

Imlie 18th December 2022 Full Episode Download Abhishek asks Imlie if he should drop her somewhere. Imlie says its dark everywhere and she doesn’t know where to go. Abhishek says if its dark in afternoon, then there is a problem in her life. Imlie speaks emotional. Abhishek leaves. Imlie continues speaking her heart out emotionally and thinks she will seek answer from Atharva for sure. Chini visits a restaurant and orders waiter to get the most expensive dish from the menu. Atharva reaches there.

Imlie 18th December 2022 Full Episode Download Chini tries to hide. Atharva walks in front of him. She calls him a stalker. Atharva says he wanted to talk to her after their phone conversation. Imlie humiliates and says he needs some manners and she needs a new partner. Atharva pleads her to speak to him. She says she is breaking up with him. Atharva says she is saying this to hurt him, she can do whatever she wants to, but not abandon him. Chini says he is afraid of accepting her in front of his family and chose his family over her, so he should go to his family and spare her.

Imlie 18th December 2022 Full Episode Download Atharva holds her hand. Chini warns him to dare not hold his hand again. Atharva requests to listen to him once. Chini says speak and get out her way. Atharva holds her hands and describes how he fell in her love hearing her poem at his concert and the rest of incidents where he continued to fall in her love. Chini says he is useless and cheesy, warns him not to call her hookline, and walks away saying its over now. His gifted bracelet for her breaks and falls down. He picks it and walks crying. O Meherbaan Kya Mila Yoon Juda Hoke Bata.. song plays in the background.

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